Handmade Holiday Cards

‘Tis the season! This year I decided to try something different and make – yes, make! – my Christmas cards. I usually buy funny Christmas cards from one of my favorite paper stores, but this year I thought, what the heck, I’ll try making them myself. I’m not gonna lie, it was a lot of work. But it was also a super fun project! I thought I’d share some of the cards I made with you in hopes of inspiring you to put on a little Christmas (or Hanukkah!) cheer and make some homemade cards for your friends and family.

I used lots of fun materials that I picked up at Michael’s. The paper is from a Martha Stewart Crafts holiday paper pad, and most of the other materials I found in the scrap-booking isle (letter stickers, decals, stamps, glue, etc.) I also bought a set of 50 cards and envelopes (for just $7!), and I only made 25 cards, so hopefully I’ll have leftover materials for next year. Happy crafty card-making!

Comments? Questions?

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