Cookies for Santa: Gingersnaps

Rounding out my Christmas cookies this year are gingersnaps. Shocking, I know, another recipe with ginger. (Yay!) These are delicious and extremely easy to make – hurrah! I put 1 1/2 HEAPING tablespoons of ginger in this dough, and they turned out perfectly spiced. If you’re perhaps not as big a fan of ginger as … Continue reading

Cookies for Santa: Alfajores

If I could choose how I die, I would definitely choose death by alfajores. Yep, death by a sugary, butter-induced coma doesn’t sound to shabby to me. Did I mention that these cookies are sandwiched together with dulce de leche? That’s right, caramel sauce! You can buy dulce de leche at most grocery stores (Whole … Continue reading

Cookies for Santa: Mexican Wedding Cookies

These are one of my all-time favorite Christmas cookies, and oh man, are they deliciously rich! I’ve seen several different names for these cookies, but my family has always called them Mexican Wedding Cookies, so that’s what I’m sticking with. I had never actually made these before myself (my mom always made them), and I … Continue reading

Cookies for Santa: Orange Gingerbread Cookies

I don’t usually like to push addictive substances on people, but you’re gonna get hooked on these cookies. I’m serious, they’re addicting. These are probably the best gingerbread cookies I’ve ever tasted, and the sublime combination of orange zest and spices makes them super unique. Plus it’s an incredibly easy recipe! Butter, sugar, and orange … Continue reading