Zucchini Quinoa Fritters

When I was little – and I mean like a toddler – I loved zucchini. I know, weird. What 2-year-old likes zucchini!? Well, I did. And I still do! It’s so flavorful yet light and goes with just about everything – alongside meat and poultry, grilled on a kebab, or grated and made into delicious … Continue reading

Apricot & Walnut Quinoa

On one of those evenings when I was stuck pondering what to make for dinner, I made up this recipe for a savory yet slightly sweet and hearty quinoa side dish to go alongside chicken and vegetables. While the ingredients seem a bit strange as a combination, the flavor was amazing! Quinoa is a super … Continue reading

Qinoa and Barley Stuffed Acorn Squash

The discernible chill in the air and the abundance of scarlet, golden yellow, and fiery orange on the trees signifies that fall has truly arrived. This means shorter days, colder nights, and lots and lots of delicious autumn squash! This stuffed acorn squash recipe is extremely easy to make and requires very little prep. It’s … Continue reading