Holiday Favorites & Cranberry Sauce

I don’t know about you, but I’m still full from Thanksgiving dinner last Thursday. Yes indeed, that was one delicious – and bountiful – meal! My mom did most of the cooking this year, and I assisted as sous chef. We (mostly she) made prime rib with a horseradish crust, Brussels sprouts with bacon, roasted … Continue reading

Thanksgiving Sides: Part 5

Thanksgiving Sides: Part 5 – Turnip and celery root puree! Rounding out my Thanksgiving series is a healthy alternative to a Thanksgiving favorite: mashed potatoes. I know, everyone loves mashed potatoes (including me!), but I just wanted to put out there a unique twist on a cult classic. You could make this – AND mashed … Continue reading

Thanksgiving Sides: Part 4

Thanksgiving Sides: Part 4 – Honey glazed carrots! These carrots are super easy to make, plus they add a bit of healthy veggies to the Thanksgiving table. I used long and thin organic carrots, but you could just as easily use regular large carrots or baby carrots as well. If using large carrots, I recommend … Continue reading

Thanksgiving Sides: Part 3

Thanksgiving Sides: Part 3 – STUFFING!! Stuffing has got to be THE classic Thanksgiving side dish, and there are hundreds of things you can put in stuffing to give it a unique and flavorful twist. I’ve decided to make two different stuffing recipes, which I think are quite delicious and add a little something different … Continue reading

Thanksgiving Sides: Part 2

Thanksgiving Sides: Part 2 – Sweet Potato Cauliflower Gratin! I think you might know by now that I love me some sweet potatoes, and I love them even more when they’re covered in a deliciously creamy and slightly cheesy bechamel sauce. Yum! I pulled this recipe from Martha Stewart’s Whole Living magazine. I love that … Continue reading

Thanksgiving Sides: Part 1

Can I tell you a secret? I don’t really like turkey. I know, how unpatriotic of me – Benjamin Franklin is probably rolling in his grave! I love Thanksgiving, but for me the real stars of the “Turkey Day” feast are the side dishes (and maybe also the prime rib that my family usually has … Continue reading